Lemme Avvocati Associati, deeply rooted in the juridical tradition of the capital, started in La Sapienza University palace, at the time seat of the University headquarters. In La Sapienza courtyard, where Borromini had obstinately built Sant’Ivo’s Church (in the catholic tradition, St Ivo is the protector of lawyers), in order to reproduce the elastic purity of the little façade of St. Carlino’s at the Quattro Fontane, the young Antonio Lemme, after having his studies with some of the most famous scholars of the time, took his degree in law.

Antonio Lemme established his legal practice in 1927, in Via Della Scrofa, not far from Sant’Ivo’s. He would have soon moved there the core of his professional and domestic life. Throughout the after-war years, his constant professional growth lead him to deal with challenging cases, like the trial involving foreign exchange frauds, or the Wilma Montesi murder case.

During the sixties, Antonio Lemme’s son, Fabrizio, joined the firm. He had graduated cum laude in Economic Criminal Law, his thesis supervisor being Professor Giuliano Vassalli, with whom Fabrizio Lemme would have cooperated as assistant professor until 1980, when he acquired his own professorship at the University of Siena. The firm was soon to be joined by his wife, Fiammetta Luly, a specialist of Family Law who, in addition to her professional skills, would have soon revealed a unique talent at public relations and keen skills relating human resources matters. It was during this period that the offices of the firm were moved to Corso Francia, present main office of the practice. From the 60s, the firm has started to focus on civil, criminal, company and heritage law.

Remarkable professionals coming from the Roman Bar have been joining the structure. Cooperation with the firm has become, year after year, a matter of cultural belonging, characterised by formal cogency and collegiality, every specialization benefiting from reciprocal support and taking advantage of a wide outlook, as all areas of knowledge have been treated as part of a whole.

In this reality blossomed the third generation of the family, represented by Giuliano Lemme and Antonella Anselmo, current main partners of the firm. Giuliano Lemme graduated cum laude in Company Law, supervised by Professor Libonati. He then supported Professor Paolo Ferro-Luzzi as his assistant, until getting his own chair at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, as Full Professor of Economics Law. He is specialised in Commercial, Company and Banking Law. In 2011 he won a comparative evaluation for full professorship.

Giuliano’s wife, Antonella Anselmo, graduated cum laude with Professor Cassese in Administrative Law, and took an academic career as assistant professor of Administrative Law Faculty of Economics at La Sapienza University – where she cooperated with Professor Stelio Valentini – combining criminal and administrative expertises. She is editor for Gazzetta Ambiente, specialist in gender equality and attends several congresses as a lecturer.

Today the Firm, though justly proud of its tradition, is a modern and dynamic practice which provides a complete legal assistance, focusing on a personal relationship with clients.


Prof. Giuliano Lemme

Giuliano Lemme, after a degree magna cum laude in Law at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, started to practice with Lemme Avvocati associati and at the same time became a lecturer...

Avv. Antonella Anselmo

Born in 1966, Antonella Anselmo graduated cum laude in Administrative law at "La Sapienza" University in Rome with professor Cassese. She has been admitted in 1994 ...

Avv. Pierpaolo Carbone

Born in 1977, Pierpaolo Carbone gratuated in law (magna cum laude) from Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta in Rome, where he obtained also a postgraduate degree in legal...

Avv. Silvia Petrachi

Silvia Petrachi graduated in 2016 from Università del Salento with mark 110/110 cum laude. During and after her studies, she partecipated in several and meaningful European projects...

Avv. Alfredo Frateschi

After a degree in Law at “Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna” and a postgraduate degree (110/110) at “LUISS Guido Carli – School of Law”, Alfredo Frateschi started to practice...