Areas of practice

Heritage Law

The Firm is justly proud of its specific decades-long experience and tradition in all fields of Heritage and Cultural Property law. Clients from Italy and from other countries are assisted in matters concerning import and export of works of art, dealing with public authorities, litigation.

Administrative Law

Over the years, the Firm has built up an experience in traditional areas of administrative law, both from a national and from an EU perspective. With recent changes in law, the firm has also assisted clients in matters concerning deregulation and localization.

Environmental Law

The Firm has experience in legal matters concerning landscaping and environment (e.g. planning, pollution, waste management). Such expertise has allowed the organization of seminars in partnership with private and public entities, many of which have resulted in important publications.

Criminal Law

The Firm, given the specific academic expertise of one of its partners, assists clients in all aspects concerning white collar crime and civil servants crime. A specific attention is devoted to criminal aspects of heritage law, a legal field for which the Firm is renowned.

Commercial and Economics Law

The Firm assists its clients in all areas of Company, Commercial and Economics law, with a specific focus on banking and financial matters. Assistance is provided in litigation, contractual and extrajudicial procedures. One of the Firm’s partners is a Professor of Banking Law. Partners of the firm are regularly appointed as members of arbitration boards.

Civil Law

The Firm provides assistance in traditional areas of Civil law, such as contracts, torts, and consumer rights where the Firm has a specific expertise. The Firm is also committed in studying gender policies and equal opportunities.

Local Authorities and Utilities

A specific attention is devoted to the key sector of local authorities and utilities companies, where assistance is provided to municipalities, provinces and public owned companies.

Pharmaceutical Law

The firm assists professionals and institutional bodies in matters concerning regulatory and EU procedures in the area of pharmaceutical law.

Wine Law

The Firm assists wine producers to relate with Authorities, to protect their labels, trade marks and appellations. Partners of the firm have a long-standing technical knowledge of wine world and practices.